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Hello. I would be interested to know following Covid-19, when IC teams have increasingly demonstrated their value, which areas of the IoIC profession map will be even more important and should we rethink any elements of the profession map - thinking about the future of IC? Would love to know thoughts.

Hi Karen, 

Thanks for posting this question and it is something we have been thinking about at IoIC.    When we refershed the profession map in January our core changes were around the focus on business acumen, stakeholder relationships and the need to curate and create conversation and community.  When discussing this members in light of the current situation the overwhelming response it that these skills are more important than ever.   Thinking about the future working with colleagues, enable people to connect (in any format) and show how our work is driving business performance is going to be very important.   To ensure our thinking is right though we are going to be conducting a small piece of research in the next few weeks to understand what skills from the map people will feel they need to invest in and will release this feedback.  

I hope this answers your question but for us the refreshed map in January remains relevant but we may have to shift our context in light of how organisations and the way we work is inevitablly going to have to shift. 

If there is anything else we can help with do let us know. 

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Thank you so much Jennifer. Great to hear that you are also checking back with our colleagues to ensure this is the best approach moving forward. Let me know if I can help in any way. (And I hope you are really well :-) )

Thanks Karen, do keep an eye for the survey goes live in a few weeks and share amongst your communities as it will be great to get as many responses as possible. 

I am really well thanks and hope you are too. :)