The Corona Canvas

You're invited to be part of the largest community art project in history.

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A new online project has just been launched with the view to it becoming the largest community art project ever created, whilst at the same time raising funds for those affected by the Coronvavirus. It’s designed to be a fund and interactive way for anyone to be able to engage across abilities, across borders and across generations.

How does it work?

Each participant will be sent a downloadable template from a larger image. Choose to print your canvas on paper or download it to your device. Colour the template’s design, to carefully match where it connects with your neighbouring canvases using the gallery to guide you. Add your own special image or message to the blank space in the middle. Once completed, each image is scanned and uploaded. It is placed in the correct position with the resultant image growing daily. As more and more people participate, the image will grow and grow to become the largest piece of artwork ever created in the history of mankind. It cannot fail to become famous and your team can claim a part of the phenomenon!

What are the Benefits

  • Connect with others on the company’s preferred video conferencing platform
  • Learn or enlighten others with tips and tricks on how to use the technology
  • Bring out your creativity as different ideas on how to achieve the goal emerge
  • Have fun with your colleagues
  • Contribute to something much bigger than yourself and claim your place in the history books!
  • 50% of revenue will go to global charities – focused on supporting those affected by the virus

To experience The Corona Canvas as an individual or group of up to 6 people, visit

Get in touch to find out more!

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