Brand New Virtual Team building Events

With working from home being the new norm, we've developed a suite of new and exciting virtual team building experiences to help you and your team stay positive, motivated and connected with each other whilst working remotely.

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Keep Your Team Motivated and Connected

We stand by our philosophy to be pioneering team builders.

Using our award winning app, we can effortlessly facilitate virtual team building events for your entire work force, wherever they are in the world. Each virtual activity has been specifically designed to beat any isolation blues, boost morale as well optimise your teams productivity.

Choose From Our Suite Of Virtual Activities

Our new virtual activities are the perfect solution to bring your employees together again. From our quizical challenging Who’s Who activity, to our thrilling and thought provoking escape room. We even have corona canvas that even your kids can get involved in!

Explore our activities here in our room or get in touch to find out more!

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Ben Parkinson

Commercial Director & Co-Founder, Blue Hat Teambuilding

Having come across the team building industry by chance over 25 years ago, Ben thought “the client experience could be so much better!” This passion led to founding Blue Hat and the subsequent development of team building events that had never been seen before. Ben is as driven today to create new experiences, which is great news for business leaders looking for ways to maximise engagement of their audiences. As a testament to his success, Blue Hat have been recognised over 40 times by the main industry awards bodies, with over 1 million people in over 57 countries having experienced a Blue Hat product with an average rating of 97%.
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