Do you think Microsoft Teams has taken over intranets as a comms tool?

Started 16 days ago

not yet.. we're still early days with our Teams roll out.. but would value others' insights to inform how we go forwards..


Hi Helen. We are in early stages of a Fresh app in Microsoft Teams showing select information from the intranet, happy to give you a preview if you would like to see it and hear what customer demands we're responding to.

Thanks Dave - that might be good - still remember you're great presentation re Fresh proposition - and hope to revisit one day when we move to replatform our intranet


Aw thanks Helen. We'll be doing some webinars on this subject in the near future so I'll make sure you get an invite.

Hi Dan,

I don't think MS Teams has overtaken intranets so much as complemented them, and picked up the slack in addressing real-time dialogue.  Too many intranets are 'transactional' destinations and treated as static repositories, to which users go to extract a specific content item (eg. canteen menu, forms, brochures), complete a task (eg. holiday request), organisational info, etc. But, they're often primarily used as broadcast publishing channels, resulting people going elsewhere for real-time lateral interaction, convo, collaboration, etc with a 'community' / group of shared interest.  And that's where MS Teams has proven its value.

That said, I know from past experience of implementing Jive that it's possible to achieve that combined experience via social intranet. 

@Adrienne - one common theme we've had from customers is bringing the intranet experience (content items, news etc that you describe) inside the Teams experience so it's close at hand and employees use a single interface to access comms and collaboration. I'd be interested to know if you see this as valuable or if keeping Teams and the intranet separate is preferable?

Hi David.

Yes, very valuable - and ideal as I've always advocated for a single integrated experience. I've found, where organisations have multiple channels in play (eg. static intranet, active Yammer usage, MS Teams, email, Skype for Business 8-/ ), it undermines the engagement and collaboration (and, sometimes credibility of the channel) - especially for people who are slower to adopt, who then feel left behind / out of the loop.

Adrienne, I went looking for the like button! Thanks for your insights, appreciated.

Ditto, David! @ "looking for the like button". :-D