Have you found your intranet to be responsive and useful during covid-19?

Started 16 days ago

Very useful yes. Access to our current access is complicated but our employees are still dependent on it while working from home. We'll be going live with a new intrant built on Fresh this summer which will eliminate the access challenges. Fresh is also really easy to edit, so I can't wait... Thanks Content and Code team!

Hi Lou. We're excited for you to go live! Really pleased to hear Fresh will solve those access challenges for you right away. How have these access challenges been impacting employees today?

The impact today is that employees have to maintain different credentials to access the intranet. Not impossible but slows things down when we all expect single sign on. There's also a resourcing impact - the need for tech support to manage/maintain different profiles/credentials. Those challenges will go away with Fresh, which will take us a step closer to a holistic digital workplace (as we're already using other o365 applications) ;O)

Not a barrier people need especially with the constant stream of changing information. Roll on Fresh I say! :D

Great to hear Lou!