UNILY VIDEO CASE STUDY. Stantec builds an inspired culture with a modern employee newsroom.

Stantec has served as a pioneer within the world of design and consulting for over 65 years. After a rapid expansion, their Internal Comms team faced the challenge of engaging 22k employees across 35 offices. ‘The Lens’ brings the enterprise’s inspired culture to the fingertips of every employee.

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From humble beginnings as a one-person design firm, a culture of inspiration has been woven into the fabric of Stantec’s employer brand. Now comprised of 22k employees across 6 continents, the enterprise saw an opportunity to level-up their employee experience with a modern internal communications solution that could support them in telling the ‘story of Stantec’ in a way that inspired employees. The Lens serves as a digital home for this narrative: a place to spotlight best practices, showcase the impact of employees' work, and share the stories that are shaping the future of the brand in real-time.

Goals for the platform included:

  • Create a home for powerful storytelling that supports the activation of an inspired culture
  • Cultivate new opportunities for knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas
  • Represent Stantec's authentic brand identity and seamlessly slot into the enterprise's existing systems
  • Streamline publishing processes for content creators while optimizing the experience for the end-user


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