UNILY ON-DEMAND WEBINAR. How your intranet can help you manage a crisis.

Restricted travel. Canceled events. School closings. COVID-19 is shaking up how we interact, and the workplace is no exception. As enterprises react to the pandemic, the prevalence of remote work is set to skyrocket, as will the need for well-honed best practices.

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Use your intranet to give employees the tools they need

Maintaining business functions in the face of disruption requires careful planning, streamlined communications, an informed understanding of employee needs, and a strong culture of support and teamwork. Your intranet is well placed to help your organization rise to these challenges so please download our webinar covering everything from multi-channel communication to providing a platform for inspiring leadership in hard times.

Themes covered:

  • Multi-channel crisis communication
  • Keeping your people informed
  • Establishing a central hub for information
  • Enabling digital leadership
  • Building a positive culture to support remote working


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