UNILY ON-DEMAND WEBINAR. Create an enterprise intranet in 60 minutes.

The sooner you deploy a modern intranet, the sooner you'll reap the associated benefits: soaring engagement levels, heightened productivity, and a safeguard against disruption, to name a few. With the proper strategy and tools, an enterprise intranet on an accelerated timeline is well within reach.

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The clock is ticking

In years past, there was no way around it: the lead up to intranet launch was measured in months, if not years. Innovations like out-of-the-box intranet widgets and simple page builders have come to the rescue by downsizing lengthy development processes without sacrificing authenticity and visual appeal. With the right pre-work and expert guidance, you can implement a well thought out intranet strategy incredibly quickly.

What this webinar will cover:

  • Implement branding
  • One click install a crisis comms dashboard
  • Design a comms homepage for all devices
  • Setup common intranet capabilities including people directory and document search
  • Establish managed metadata tags
  • Design content and site templates to build out IA
  • Establish social communities and reward and recognition
  • Configure notifications and email templates
  • Setup an intranet feedback form


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