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How do you see the relationship between teams and the intranet? Whats your opinion?

Started 8 days ago

Different parts of one digital platform. Teams is a specific part of the digital workplace for collaboration and very focused communication. The intranet is for enterprise and business unit communication, employee engagement, enterprise document sharing, business unit sites...  Great when Teams surfaces in the intranet. When you can provide one platform that allows employees to interact with the various tools they need, Teams being one of them, that's the goal for me.

Agree with your definitition on the specific parts Scott but then the question of should Asychronus and Sychronus exist in the same platform or does that then jepordise all the positives or an asychronus workplace? 

I think the fast moving nature of Teams needs thought if it is to be in the same newsfeed and it cant be "every post" otherwise you are simply duplicating the chaos of Teams in another medium. 

Tehcnically it is very easy to integrate the two in one place but should we? 

Its definitly a hot topic at the moment.👍

I guess it depends on how you do the integration. Think of a Twitter feed on your Beezy homepage - probably a constantly moving thread. Teams as a similar beast. And if my homepage is built so that there's some clear areas of content - asynchronous here, synchronous there... I think the UX can work. I've seen this with Jive and do think Beezy does do this well. For me, the idea is to make the homepage that portal/dashboard where users go first. In this way, you give them your internal comm's stories, other enterprise communication (e.g. HR) activity from their network plus any Teams activity from teams that you are following. 

I think a big part of the effectiveness of this comes down to the UX.