We aren’t 'pivoting to virtual'. We pivoted long ago!

Kinura have been connecting remote audiences and supporting virtual events for years. Our approach has always been to support clients with the process of going digital, making it as hassle-free as possible.

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We took our remotely operated PTZ camera kits on a Google tour in 2011, built a temporary studio for livestreamed gigs above the Southbank Centre in 2012. We broadcast live from London buses and the London Eye in 2015. We’ve run tons of virtual Town Halls for clients across EMEA. Here in 2020, we can pull together a full day online broadcast through a custom branded microsite with a lead time of less than 6 weeks (see our latest project with Ogilvy for Inmarsat Flightplan). The challenges we’re facing are new but not completely unusual for our team. We have a network of experts with the right skills to be virtual producers, virtual showcallers, virtual floor managers and vision mixers; a virtual AV team with a few less heads than you would have on location!

Our focus on integration not platforms keeps us ahead of the curve. Our service plugs into any livestreaming or webinar platform with high-quality production values and maximum reliability. What makes the difference is understanding the digital workflow. Our technicians make campaigns work across global Content Delivery Networks, multiple social channels or within a secure environment. Our remote production units deliver digital broadcasts at TV quality for virtual conferences, AGMs, launches and panels debates. All these events can be successful online and made more engaging with voting, polling, interactive sessions and networking. Our advice to anyone starting out with ‘pivoting to virtual’ would be to take a step back and work out what you want to achieve before thinking about platforms. Break it down. Get a clear brief. Then find a partner who can deliver it with the same level of confidence you’d expect for a physical event.

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Sarah Platt

Director, Co-founder , Kinura

I'm a creative, down-to-earth businessperson who has worked in broadcast and video streaming for many years. I've been running digital businesses since about the year 2000. My skills are in all aspects of digital projects and event video production, live streaming, social media etc. I work with a great team of video experts, digital producers and creative film-makers.
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