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Updated Yammer

Started 8 days ago

Hi - how can we get our hands on the new Yammer? Will it be an update - is it prompted for each user or does our IT team do something to make it happen? We use Yammer already obvs. Thanks!

Hi Madeleine - If you work with your IT partners now, you can enable the preview now! Check out this blog post and send it their way. A global admin needs to enable it! Users will have a toggle for a while during the preview, and then eventually it will be the default!

Super, thanks Allison :-) 

And we have change and readiness materials ready to go for the New Yammer on the Adoption Resources! Don't start from scratch!

Is the new Yammer integration for SharePoint for Modern intranet sites only, or will it also be compatible with Classic sites?

Allison - Where can we find the ability to enable and also turn on native mode? Our IT admins say they can't say can't see this option.

I'd really welcome speaking to someone at Microsoft about Yammer, Teams and Sharepoint - I don't get access to our Fast-track calls as its given over to our Dynamics implementation. 

@matthew - keep an eye on out the Yammer blog towards the end of the month for more details about exactly how the SP webpart will work. 


@Jarrod - and anyone - if you'd want an invite to our customer community, to dicuss with us further and more directly, I'd be happy to add you. Just send me your work email address!