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Started 8 days ago

We love Teams, we use it all the time and especially for online collaboration on documents.  Our business has had a flexible approach to working based on Office365 for the last couple of years - so no great change for us when lockdown hit.  However... we find one thing really frustrating and that's the inability to create a 'team' in Teams which includes people from outside our own business.  The example we want is to create a team which includes key agency people and our clients as one 'team', Try as we might we couldn't make this work.  Are we missing something or is this something which could be of wider value?

Hi Jo - have you investigated the "Guest access" feature? It's not perfect but we've been using it to bring vendors, etc, into project conversations.

Hi Ben, thank you.  I wasn't aware of that so will have a read up on it and see if we can make it work for us. Hope you're enjoying the afternoon. Jo