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Are you using Yammer today?

Started 10 days ago

How are you using Yammer today? What are you planning in the future?

Hey Angus - Bromford are using Yammer, but after a merger with some organisations who don't we're keen to 'relaunch'. We're waiting for us to get native mode and new yammer before we do that - what's the sense on the timelines at the moment? 

get a few yammer friends to look at this is the preview of the marvellous new experience.

We've seen Yammer usage double since the pandemic started; however, we're still a long way off what I'd call "mainstream" usage. I'd say the most active groups (apart from the obligatory pets group!) are topic-focused groups where much of the activity is people asking and answering questions - where to find a piece of information, a subject matter expert, etc. 

Lately, we've had some success with using it to engage people in globally relevant topics such as a new strategy launch and, more recently, asking people to share stories about how they and their colleagues are supporting others through COVID-19. We're currently exploring new ways to use Yammer to support our intranet content. The key is embedding and integration: the more we can build Yammer into our core channels, the less we need to drive people to the Yammer platform itself, which is challenging.