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Accessing simplyIC Live playback

Started 13 days ago

We hope you have enjoyed the presentations so far, plenty more great content to come across the next few hours!

The playback will be availabe to anyone who purchased a VIP ticket. If you didn't buy one but would like access to playback, VIP upgrades are availabe for £195. Included in that price you also get...

* 1 months simplycommunity membership (on our brand new site once live in June)
* Access to simply professional development virtual workshops for the duration of your membership
* Our latest IC trends report

Please leave a comment below or get in touch with a member of the simply team if you would like to upgrade.

Great, thanks Stew!

I should add, simply members are automaticlly VIP and will receive the playback.

That's good to hear.  I'm just trying to find information to compare on annual memberships rates - would you be able to send me some information?

Hi Lindsay, you can find out all about our new simplycommunicty here:

Happy to chat if you've got any questions.