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What's Your Favorite Tool for Engagement?

Started 8 days ago

There are many tools that help with employee engagement on comm's platforms - curious what you are finding to be your favorite, or maybe most effective? Teams, Slack, Yammer, Beezy communities (or your intranet in a box brand), email(yikes!)...? I find that often it depends on the culture of the organization and sometimes down to the business unit (I'm looking at you IT folks and your Slack dependency).

Yammer, (especially combined with video hosted on Microsoft Stream). If only we could get more people to use it...

There's the rub - getting employees to engage with the content. @Ben, do your employees have their own affinity groups on Yammer? I've found that letting employees use the platform for their own content often drives them to comm's content.

@Scott - yes, we do have a large number of affinity groups (in addition to others mirroring our business structure). Some are very popular, but that activity still only represents a small portion of our overall employee base.

I'm not too bothered about driving people to separate "comms content"; we usually encourage comms teams and stakeholders to start and take part in discussions on Yammer, using it as a channel in its own right.

The issue is that Yammer has an image problem among many of our leaders, who see it as a waste of time rather than a way to tackle business challenges. As a result, their teams are reticent about using it, too. We're starting to see a shift - Yammer activity has doubled since the pandemic started - but we're still a long way off reaching a "tipping point" where it would make sense as a core channel.

Re: leadership, that's a common problem. Where I have seen success there is by getting a couple or more key exec's to start blogging or agreeing to post content on the platform. Its not an overnight transition but if you can get a couple of EVPs or even the CEO to start posting or even replying to comments, over time you'll likely see some traction. I've also seen success with work related affinity groups - e.g. veterans, disabled employees... where leaders of those groups can sponsor and participate in the conversation. Its a start but over time the message that this is "ok" starts to spread.

Blogs - I have good experience with Jive and they work really well there.    I think written content is a little underrated but for me it performs strongly against video and podcasts, because you can read it at your own speed, subscribe to them if you like to read offline and interact with it in a thoughtful way that sparks connections.    I wrote this on Blogging for Business back in 2012 and it is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it.