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What is the one skill/area of expertise you wish you had right now (and didn't know you needed until Covid-19)?

Started 13 days ago

oh i love this question! keen to see what people say as i'm looking at the skills gaps for the next 6 months and would love to hear what's different

I wish that I had been more confident with my networking skills. It took me a while to rediscover my network once all the networking events I had in the calendar got cancelled. If I'd been more of a leader, I would have organised my own networking events or webinars weeks ago. 

Magic! Wand-waving, that sort of stuff. 

And better DIY multi-media making skills.

would love to be a whizz at video creation and editing

Hi Risha, my academic background is in film and I am an experienced video editor. If you'd like to connect, I can come up with an introductory session to help you find out how to develop videomaking skills that compliment your role as a comms professional.

... obviously on a skill sharing basis, I wouldn't ask for money! 

How to network and interact with mental health charities and well-being organisations, to support remote working familes and furloughed staff.