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Welcome to the simplyIC live network lounge. 

Can you help? Why not start a video panel and host a discussion.

Started 13 days ago

A popular feature of our in-person events are our table sessions. These are sessions which are focussed around a topic or theme which people want some support with or have an interest in and small groups come together to share learnings and experiences. 

Within our platform, everyone has the ability to set up a video panel. If you're working on something exciting and want to share, or have a challenge you would like some support with, why not set one up? 

Perhaps you need some help with: 


- engaging remote workers 

- engaging leadership with broadcast channels 

- or you're rolling out a new platform and need some tips for best practice 

Our event is here so you can get the support you need. 


How to get started 

Start a discussion thread with the topic you'd like to discuss. When other attendees post that they'd like to join, make a note of who they are for when you set up your panel so you can invite them in. 

Instructions to set up a video panel can be found in reception. 

Alternatively, post below as to any discussions you'd like to see set-up and we'll organise it for you. 

Share your experiences

We'd love for you to record the session and then share it in the lounge too so others can benefit. 


Look forward to hearing your suggestions!