The network lounge

Welcome to the simplyIC live network lounge. 

Welcome to the network lounge!

Started 20 days ago

How are you all today? 

Really looking forward to chatting with you here tomorrow. The Lounge is open 24/7.

Functionality looks good. Looking forward to my first virtual conference.

Good to see you here Ray!

hey Ray - delighted you can make it. Seats are super comfortable here in the lounge, so do make yourself at home ;)

Hi Everyone, this looks great. The interface is really clean and user friendly. I look forward to chatting to you all!

Hi Hannah - lovely to have you! And glad you like the platform. You'll hear later today how we're going to be using this platform for our simplycommunity from June! 

Hi Everyone. Nice to be here, enjoying this shiny new space. Looking forward to experiencing this virtual conference and chatting with you all.

Hi Adrienne. Thanks for dropping by!


Thanks Marc. Exciting day! :-)

Hi Lisa, what is the platform out of interest? I've used something similar (Adobe Connect) for leadership training and it was excellent.

Hi Hannah, we're delighted to be powered by Zapnito. You can find out more about them in their sponsor room which you can access from the home page of this site. We've got big plans to evolve this site further over the coming month! 


Adrienne - lovely you're here. So glad we managed to get the link to work :-) 

Hi Lisa. Nice to see you. This link worked fine.  It's the other lounge that's proven problematic.

Love the format and set up for this online event. Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from speakers and taking part.

Thanks, Karen. Am delighted! Glad to have you here. 

Looking forward to the event and the technology you are using for this afternoon.

loving the platform being used

Who need stuffy conference venues when you can have this :)

Glad you're enjoying the platform. Inviting 700 people into our first virtual event is one way to test it :-)