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16th Nov 2020 - ETC Venues St Pauls 200 Aldersgate, London and streamed online

Agenda By Day

    Breakfast Reception & Exhibition


    Welcome to our bustling exhibition where you can pick up your badge and download the simplyIC app to export the sessions on offer.

    Enjoy the buffet breakfast as you explore the exhibition, drop into the studio, network with old friends and make some new ones 

    Take part in the smilechallenge and you could win prizes – from a hoverboard to a weekend away.

    Keynote: Sir Martin Sorrell

    Monday 9:30am

    Sir Martin Sorrell, Chairman of S4 Capital

    We are delighted to welcome Sir Martin Sorrell as our Keynote speaker at simplyIC

    It is partly down to Sir Martin that simplycommunicate exists at all. His WPP company bought a communications consultancy called MCA back in 2001 and a small part of the proceeds from that sale went into the founding of simply-communicate 15 years ago.

    In his Keynote interview Sir Martin will discuss the sea change that big data and digital have made to all areas of corporate communications.

    How does Microsoft communicate internally?

    Monday 10:15am

    Microsoft continue to drive digital transformation through its suite of products under the O365 banner. You are probably among the 85% of organisations who are already in the cloud with Skype, Teams, SharePoint and Yammer.

    But how does Microsoft use these tools themselves to drive change in the organisation. Hear how Yammer and Stream are used in town hall meetings to not just communicate change but actively engage staff around the world with the CEO’s Vision..

    Welcome & What’s Hot

    Monday 9:00am

    Marc Wright, Jenni Field, Steve Crescenzo & Jonathan Phillips

    Marc Wright, founder of simplycommunicate, and the Chairs of our 3 streams Jenni Field, Steve Crescenzo and Jonathan Phillips welcome you to simplyIC and describe what’s hot in the world of internal communications.

    Hear about the speakers and the insightful sessions that are coming up; download the app to get the best from the two days and network with your peers.

    Coffee and Networking


    The famous simplyIC exhibition

    30 minute break for coffee and a pastry while you browse the exhibitors: providers of technology platforms, experts from Microsoft, employee app providers, agencies and creative services. Visit the leading vendors and suppliers – all the support the modern IC professional requires to thrive in today’s agile workplace.

    It’s All About that Bounce: How to Make Resilience Your Superpower

    Monday 11:30am

    Barbara Gibson, Founder & CEO of Women & Girls in Politics

    In business, in politics, and in life, success is often not the result of winning the first time out, but of our ability to bounce back after a failure. Resilience is a skill that can be developed and nurtured, for individuals, teams and organisations, and it is critical to the success of change programmes.

    Former MEP Barbara Gibson will share her personal journey – as both communication professional and politician — and what she’s learned along the way about how to make resilience your superpower.



    Time for a delicious bento box lunch. Choose your 3 courses and then browse the exhibition, network with friends, and make some new ones.

    Den Carter, British Airways

    Monday 11:30am

    Den Carter from British Airways discusses what our purpose is and how we can measure our success. He explores how content consumption stats like article views, video streams, Yammer Likes, etc, are pretty irrelevant in isolation, but matched over outcomes such as engagement, survey results show how much IC is adding value.

    Cindy Crescenzo: Measurement

    Monday 12:15pm

    Claire Bridges: Become a creative ninja

    Monday 2:00pm

    Claire Bridges is a world-leading creative expert, trainer, author. As former MD and Creative Director for WPP, she has been at the creative coalface herself, and led others creatively. In this taster session she will explore:

    • Key insights on creativity – your brain, a user’s guide & an introduction to the neuroscience of creativity.
    • Explore how your brain works, barriers and approaches to creativity.
    • How to interrogate the problem with tools to generate, nurture & evaluate ideas.
    • What’s a big idea? How to discuss the merits of a creative idea.
    • How to structure a brainstorm with facilitation tips, warm ups & structure.

    Claire will run a workshop later in the year for our simplymembers – a full day in which she will share practical creativity processes and tools with immediate application to business, that will improve your group collaboration and brainstorm skills beyond measure

    Master metrics to provide value

    Monday 2:45pm

    Rachel Tolhurst, Amey plc

    This presentation lead by Rachel Tolhurst from Amey plc, will give you case studies and practical examples of applied metrics in corporate communications that you can immediately implement, plus some of the latest thinking to help you improve. It also includes some trapdoors to avoid, such as vanity statistics, and helps you to think about the wider business outcomes and proving comms’ ROI for the business.

    Get creative with your communication

    Tuesday 12:15pm

    Steve Crescenzo

    Steve Crescenzo is not just a presenter, he is a sensation. Many times voted the best presenter at IABC World Conference, Steve and Cindy also scored the highest rating at last year’s smilelondon.

    Steve Crescenzo explains why getting creative with your communication is key in the IC field.

    Leadership Transformation

    Monday 12:15pm

    Rory Campbell, New Vantage Consulting

    The nature of leadership has always been one of constant change, reflecting shifts in business and in wider society. Today is no different. Whether it be the radical advances of technology, the rise of stakeholders beyond the shareholder, the traditional sectors transformed by new models or the opportunity and challenge of a data driven, hyperconnected world.  

    Rory will share his observations on the demands and opportunities that this creates for the current crop of organisational leaders, with reflections on how one CEO is leading for transformation, not managing for change and of his time at the John Lewis Partnership and an example.

    Trustnet by Wellcome Trust

    Monday 2:45pm

    John Baptiste- Kelly and Alice Berry

    Just as Wellcome Trust search for ideas to improve global health and have a meaningful impact in the world, the intranet (Trustnet) has a meaningful impact on employees. They built it themselves but the real story is how the team of 6 focussed on their users need to access key pieces of news about the organization’s work and to carry out top tasks. This is an intranet that is delivering results – not just in readership numbers but in terms of engagement around issues and content vital to the success of the organisation.

    Keeping Engagement Strong in the workplace

    Monday 2:00pm

    Tim Rutter, Tata Steel

    How do you engage 8,000 steelworkers across the UK in a business that is constantly under the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons? Tim Rutter, Head of Communications at Tata Steel UK brings his views from inside the blast furnace to simplyIC. He will describe how he blends a traditional print newspaper with a dynamic, video-led Yammer channel to keep staff informed, motivated and entertained.

    Tea and Networking


    Last chance to visit the exhibition and win points in the smilechallenge

    30 minute break for tea and a pastry while you browse the exhibitors: providers of technology platforms, Check the leaderboard on the smilelondon app and take the opportunity to pick up those vital points to to put you in the prizes in the smilechallenge.

    Drinks reception


    Mix with the other delegates and enjoy our drinks reception to round off the day.

    Breakfast Reception & Exhibition


    Welcome to our Day 2 exhibition where you can Enjoy the buffet breakfast as you explore the exhibition, drop into the studio, network with old friends and make some new ones. 

    The Neuroscience in Internal Communications

    Tuesday 12:15pm

    Deborah Hulme, Minerva Engagement

    In this session we will be exploring the latest learnings and insights from the neuroscience community, exploring and understanding its application to organisational change. We will consider mindset and behaviour, how habits form culture and the relevance of safe space for innovation, wellbeing and performance. Whilst the knowledge and insights are invaluable, so too are the tools and frameworks for practical application.  Deborah brings the learning to life with examples, reflections and a methodology that can be applied at team and organisational level.

    Keynote: Professor Bruce Hood

    Tuesday 2:00pm

    The Science of Happiness: Evidence-Based Approaches to Leading a More Satisfying Life